Success Story

Goal- Financial stability

I am 42-year-old, married and two daughters. We were doing well financially but I wanted to ensure financial stability. We met Pratik in the year 2012. In the first meeting, Mr Pratik and his team helped us with evaluation of our existing financial assets and discussed our goal.

Pratik Sepuri then designed and structured my finances and goals to make sure that allocations are made in such a way that the money is available when it’s required. All my investments are properly allocated as per my convenience and value.

I had a clear goal of attaining financial freedom in next 10 years which included my kids’ education plan and investing in a vacation home.

As per the direction and guidance from Pratik, I started saving and gaining through my investments. The plan was implemented in the year 2012 intending to achieve the results by 2022.

Today when I see my decade long journey, I am really happy to see the results. Throughout the path, we have been focused towards investing in our goals without any deviation. We were prepared and even major obstacles like a market crash couldn’t affect us largely. We were able to stay in the market consistently, inspite of the strenuous time. Currently, when I see my investment portfolio and my goals becoming a reality, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Today I don’t really have to work for money since my financial goals are well taken care of and that gives me the confidence to live my life my way.