About Us

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About Us

IArista Artha Pvt. Ltd is a growing financial services firm that helps you understand your goals and pave the path to achieve them. We believe in a step-by-step approach to estimate the required capital and determine how to acquire the same. The process involves understanding your background and lifestyle while keeping track of your income, expenses, and investments to manage your finances better.

It’s been more than a decade since iArista Artha has been ensuring your finances are well structured. After working with Financial Planning and Brokering firms at an early stage, Mr Pratik Sepuri realised that most advisors focused on the firm’s profits rather than the customer’s Interest. So with an aspiration to build a customer-centric firm that would cater to all segments, he founded IArista Artha Pvt Ltd in 2015. With a motto to offer individuals a path to become financially secure and adapt to any situation in life, IArista has been working with individuals and corporations to help them manage their finances and investments effectively.

We have a dedicated, trained and knowledgeable team of advisors who ensure the customers are completely aware of their investments and customizing the perfect plan required. We offer one-on-one guidance to ensure that you have absolute control over your finances, spending and responsibilities and take command of your life and destiny.

At iTrade Arista, our dedication lies in cultivating an environment where every trader thrives, not just in profits, but in integrity.

We believe that shared knowledge and fair practices are not just ideals; they are the cornerstones of sustainable and successful trading. We understand that true success in the financial markets comes not only from smart investments but also from a commitment to transparency, education, and ethical conduct.

Join us at iTrade Arista; where we value a community that stands tall on the principles of ethical trading—because your success is our success, and it's built on a foundation of trust and shared knowledge.